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  1. Hi,
    First I would introduce us as a premium Chinese tea manufacturer & supplier.
    We would like to recommend a supreme jasmine silver needle to you. It just come up. (We wait the best season of jasmine flower, which is in the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn in China. The jasmine scenting repeated eight times!). It is the best Chinese jasmine tea. We are sure it can be the best seller of your premium teas! The jasmine fragrance is so fascinating lingering, and the taste is very mellow smooth without bitterness and astringency. And the jasmine flavor is very well harmonized with the flavor of tea!
    We do wholesale of the teas, and can send your order by economic express freight from China.
    Please do not hesitate to get back to us.
    Thank you and best regards
    Jerry Zhou
    Changsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd

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